About Cocktail Rx
About Cocktail Rx

Parties, happy hours or spur of the moment good times can be yours in just minutes! Cure the symptoms brought on by the common cocktail and become an expert mixologist without complicated recipes or cocktail experiments gone wrong. Enjoy the perfect good-time prescription for a cool tasty cocktail and stress free evening. With Cocktail Rx, you'll have no need to call the doctor in the morning!

Cocktail Rx brings entertaining to higher heights with a full array of cocktail mix products. Our lineup spans the globe of cocktailing, including complete cocktail shaker kits in a full range of flavors, a comprehensive line of exotically delicious flavored cocktail freezers and industry leading all-natural drink mixes, rimming sugars and salts.

We've spent years crisscrossing continents to partner with the mixologists around the globe. The result is the perfect solution for your cocktailing needs combining the ingredients, flavors and advanced mixing techniques that will have you asking for more. Adhering to rigorous taste standards and using fresh, natural and delicious ingredients, our mixologists create the highest quality beverages to take your party to another level. We promise that from the first taste to the last, Cocktail Rx will make any occasion a memorable one. All you have to do is shake, sip, enjoy and repeat.

And, not to worry, when you're cocktail prescription is empty, Cocktail Rx refills are available at grocery, specialty food and beverage stores near you. Remember to let our master mixologists transport you to all the best destinations by sampling our flavors from around the world.

Four Blue Palms

Four Blue PalmsFour Blue Palms, Inc., the team behind the Cocktail Rx brand, is a dynamic group, focused on crafting the highest quality of products available anywhere in the market today. Together, Four Blue Palm's partners represent over half a century of innovating, producing and marketing iconic brands enjoyed by discerning consumers' around the world. Four Blue Palms just happens to be headquartered in Austin, Texas, surrounded by great music, great food and great drinks...not a bad place to start!